A summary of my research to date can be found on my Profile page at the Guild of One Name Studies.

Distribution of YOXALL surname in UK in 1881

Map courtesy of Steve Archer software – http://www.archersoftware.co.uk/

Welcome to the YOXALL One-Name Study. My study evolved rather than started at a particular time. More by good luck I came across four people, Joan Gallagher, Peter Byford, David Perkins and Graham Caddick, all with extensive knowledge of the YOXALL surname. It soon became clear how localised the surname was. At this time the 1881 census was digitally available and I soon proved there were barely a dozen core YOXALL families. And so the One-Name study began, my role being the facilitator, one which I have continued after completion of my 1881 project thanks to these four people. Much of their original research was at County Offices and Local Libraries, not sat in front of a computer as we lucky people are today.

Person ID number
Every person in my Genealogy has their own unique number, a feature I have used to track and trace people across my website. The slide show in the sidebar includes a reference such as (id908). Selecting ‘Genealogy/Advanced Search/ Person ID’ and entering only the number 908, you will find details of George and any family.
For more details on using Person ID see ‘How to use this website’.
Also note that no personal details of living people, or those less than 100 years old and not known to be deceased, are shown on my website.

What’s new and updated in October 2022

GOONS Profile page
Many people aren’t aware of my Profile page on GOONS. This can be accessed by clicking the GOONS blue logo on my website Homepage. As GOONS themselves say, think of a website as a shop, where you can see all the contents in the shop.  Think of a Profile page as a window to the contents of the shop, where you can see a summary of my research, objectives, a few details, statistics and photos of successful or unusual YOXALL. It makes interesting reading for newcomers to the YOXALL surname.

Profile Page at the Guild

New– 1921 Census Index and notes
With the 1921 Census now accessible on Find My Past (FMP), we can all learn a little more about the lives of our ancestors. However, the huge cost of digitising the Census by FMP, who have exclusive rights to the 1921 Census for up to 3 years, is the reason why transcriptions and images have to be purchased separately, whether you are a subscriber to FMP or a member of the public.

As a One Name Study researcher, the cost of buying transcriptions and images for all YOXALL ancestors is not practical. Instead, I have chosen to embark on linking every YOXALL on the 1921 FMP Census Index to a spreadsheet, similar to my other UK Census and the 1939 Register. With notes and links to people, it should help increase the chances of finding your 1921 YOXALL ancestors.

Updated YOXALL lines
It has been a very busy few months working on YOXALL female lines. Thanks to the work of several YOXALL researchers, over a thousand individuals, sources and images have been added to my website, far too many to mention individually. Many thanks to Kim THOMPSON, Simon DAVIES, Stephanie BATES, Jeff ALIBER, Taralee TURNER and many other Ancestry Tree owners whose research is helping to fill gaps in what seem endless female YOXALL lines. Most updates are with regard to these YOXALL lines:

It is worth looking to see if there are any updates if you are researching any of these YOXALL lines.

YOXALL surname variations
For those who are can’t find some of their YOXALL ancestors, I have written some help notes on surname variations, transcription errors and surnames wrongly recorded.

At the end of the ‘Origin of Place Name and Surname YOXALL’ link is an extensive list of surname variations, transcription errors and surnames wrongly recorded I have found to date. These may help you think, as they say, outside the box for an ancestor you can’t trace.

UPDATED – GRO BMD Spreadsheet Indexes
All 3 Birth, Marriages and Deaths indexes updated to June 1920, with 95% to 98% of all BMDs now linked to a specific YOXALL line for GRO YOXALL between Sep 1837 and Sep 2022.

UPDATED – Pie Chart for all YOXALL lines – Sep 2022
The number of YOXALL in each line can be viewed via this link:
https://yoxall.one-name.net/all-lines-pie-chart/.  This is by far the most visual way to see instantly how the YOXALL surname is distributed across the various YOXALL lines.

UPDATED – Details of all the YOXALL lines – Sep 2022
The earliest ancestor for each YOXALL line can be viewed via this link:

Just 3 YOXALL lines now account for 75% of all YOXALL and the top 10 YOXALL lines account for 99.5% of all YOXALL. With the addition of several hundred more YOXALL descendants, all of whom belong to an existing line, it is now clear that all YOXALL descendants today will belong to an existing line.

UPDATED – Female YOXALL lines

This is still a work in progress project due to the scale of tracing all female YOXALL lines, especially those who married.  

Can you help fill any gaps in female lines? Do you know of any female YOXALL lines that need bringing up to date? Let me know and I will tackle them as separate projects, working directly with you if that is helpful.

Living people
One area that is gathering pace is the unlocking of people on my website who are recorded as ‘Living’. Details are known to me but are not visible in order to comply with the Data Protection Act. Details, sources and images of hundreds more people are now visible.

Can you help unlock more details for those proven to be deceased? All I need is a source to prove a person is deceased. Have you any photos you would like to share with others of deceased ancestors?

Have you any memories or histories of your deceased YOXALL ancestors, a single family or a family line, that you would like to share with current and future generations? You don’t need to be an author, simply record what you know how you remember it, adding photos If you wish. Have a look at the examples other people have shared on my website.

Sir James Henry Yoxall 1857-1925

Laurence Sydney Yoxall 1901-1976

Richard Yoxall

Frederick Edward Yoxall 1824-1909

Family of George Eaton Yoxall & Elizabeth Tirza Farr 1850-1940

Family of Henry Houghton Yoxall & Elizabeth Smallwood – 1834-1912

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