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1861 UK Census Spreadsheet – YOXALL to link

Extensive though my census spreadsheets are, there are still a handful of people on each census that I cannot yet definitely link to a living YOXALL descendant, or for whom I have no suggested link. I would like to ask for help to complete all YOXALL links on all UK Census. To make the process easier, I have recorded a summary of those YOXALL whose links are still not proven or known. If anyone can prove the parents and/or spouse of any of these YOXALL I would welcome their help. Apart from telling me the proof for the link, all I need to know is the Census year and my Ref for that year, column B on all spreadsheets. As the links are completed, they will be deleted from the lists below so that researchers can keep track of the remaining links still to be proven. The end column P/N indicates either a possible link, ‘P’ or that I have no suggestions for a link, ‘N’.

cen. Year Ref. Surname Firstname Relnship Maiden name / Spouse of 1861 Individual / YOXALL Parents  Age born Sex Dwelling Censpar Censcty P N
1861 030 YOXALL John Boarder Spouse of Jane DRINKWATER (id6311). John’s parents are not known. Surname is definitely YOXALL 54 1807 M 30 Herbert Street Wolverhampton, Wolverhampton Staffordshire P
1861 041 YOXALL William Lodger no suggestion, no other YOXALL known to have been born in Bedfordshire. Surname looks like YOXALL 49 1812 M Moorwood Bradfield Yorkshire P
1861 069 YOXALL Thomas Boarder possible son of John YOXALL (id8095) & Martha WILLISCROFT (id8096) 40 1821 M 6 Alma Buildings Shavington Cum Gresty Cheshire P
1861 108 YOXALL Henry Servant No suggestion, no Henry YOXALL born before 1831 on census or before 1835 except this Henry. Perhaps his birth year, or first forename may be wrong. Surname is definitely YOXALL 30 1831 M Elton Cheshire P
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