1921 Census Spreadsheet Notes

 The most difficult part of creating a spreadsheet for the 1921 Census is knowing who is on which image or transcription, as the 1921 Index of all YOXALL is just that, an index of all YOXALL. Is there a way to increase the chances of matching all the people in a household and on an image? Well, yes and no. At the moment there is no definitive way of matching people in the 1921 census, unless we buy the image. However, there is a method, thanks to my website designer, that will get you something close. It works best for families as there are likely to be a number of known people together.

But even using this method, and my knowledge of all YOXALL lines over several decades, only a copy of the image, rather than a transcription, will prove whether the links on my 1921 Census spreadsheet are correct. What it does do is allow all YOXALL researchers to share with me any 1921 images they have. I can then add a transcription of the image to my website, but not the image as this is copyright, and add a highlight colour to the image no. on my spreadsheet for all the people on the image to indicate they are proven.

Notes for Columns

Column A – Ref
This a reference number purely to allow a simple return to the original spreadsheet order after sorting the spreadsheet in other ways. I have chosen to make the original source by image no. and birth year, as that is the first priority to prove, i.e. which YOXALL are on which image.

Column B – Forename(s)
As most people know, indexes tend to fully record only the first forename, with other forenames recorded only with the first. There are many advantages in knowing full forenames, as it can help identify the right person when there are multiple people with the same forenames similar age or in the same area at a particular time. I have taken this opportunity to update full forenames on the 1921 Index, the index forename in normal text and my full forename in bold text.

Column C – Last Name(s)
As recorded on the 1921 Index

Column D – Birth Year
As recorded on the 1921 Index

Column E – Birth Place
As recorded on the 1921 Index

Column F – Image no – Transcription
Adding this reference number allows the data to be continually sorted in the same order as the images. This is my reference to which YOXALL I think are on this image/transcription. Only sight of the image will prove if this is correct.

Where the image no. cell is highlighted yellow, it indicates the image/transcription has been verified from an actual image or a transcription from a YOXALL researcher.

Column G – Parish
As recorded on the 1921 Index

Column H – Registration District|As recorded on the 1921 Index

Column I – County
As recorded on the 1921 Index

Column J – Person Id
This is my database number for each individual person. It enables me to link each person on the 1921 Index to my YOXALL One Name Study and also allows others to go straight to that person on my website by clicking on the Genealogy tab on my Homepage, selecting advanced search and entering the Person’s Id. You can use the same method to instantly go to any person on my 1921 Index who has a Person id.

Column K – Maiden name / Spouse / YOXALL Parents
This column contains details of the census individual’s YOXALL link to parents and spouse, including maiden names, where known, and database numbers. These are the details that matter to other researchers. Where it is a YOXALL widow who is head of the household, her husband and his parents are shown, where shown, with their database numbers where known. If a YOXALL is illegitimate, not only his mother but also her parents are recorded, where known.

Column L – Ref. Group
This column can have one of 3 types of prefix, MGP, GP or UL:

MGP – short for merged groups of YOXALL, where there is more than one living YOXALL descendant of this line. As will be seen, the two largest groups by far are MGP03, a Cheshire YOXALL line, and MGP06, a Worcestershire/Warwickshire YOXALL line.

GP – short for group of YOXALL, where there is only 1 known living descendant of this line and the line does not link to any other YOXALL line to date. There are only 3 such groups at this time and it is reasonable to assume they will merge with an existing group when further information is found.

UL – short for unlinked, indicating this person, family or families does not link to a living YOXALL descendant or an existing group or merged group. Where a possible link to another YOXALL group or merged group is suggested, both the UL and possible group/merged group prefix is included in case future information confirms or disproves the link.

Column M – P / N
Last but not least, this column allows the spreadsheet to be sorted so that it is easier for me to identify and track the few YOXALL on the 1921 Index whose spouse(s)/parent(s) have not been positively identified, plus those recorded as YOXALL on Find My Past but who have proved not to be YOXALL.

Sorting the spreadsheet by columns P/N, ref. fam., born, will bring together all those YOXALL recorded as ‘N’ or ‘P’, as a family if they are a family.