All Lines Pie Chart

All YOXALL family lines

This page is perhaps the most important page of my website. As will be seen from other contents, substantial work has been completed on linking each YOXALL to a living descendant and a specific YOXALL family line. A complete list of all YOXALL family lines, from 1841 to 1911 has also been recorded. Though there are currently, in theory, 62 YOXALL lines based on census records, in reality many are individuals who will clearly be linked to an existing line when their parents are known. My estimate is that there are barely a dozen core YOXALL families.

Every YOXALL descendant reading this page should therefore belong to one of the YOXALL lines listed. If you would all tell me to which YOXALL line you belong, and how you relate to the earliest YOXALL ancestor you know, I can create a simple table of living descendants related to specific YOXALL lines. This would allow all descendants of specific YOXALL lines to work with me, and each other, to verify and expand their lines. No man is an island. I need your help and support to go forward with the YOXALL one name study.

So to make headway on merging many of the individuals with parents and spouses I need the help of all YOXALL researchers. Do you know any of these people? Have you any sources to prove their parents or spouses? Do you have any suggestions for people or whom I have no suggestions? Can you eliminate some of the people where I have more than one suggestion?

Though I am technically the owner of this website, I am merely the custodian. Hopefully others will come along to help maintain this website in due course, building on it with thousands more sources and images to bring the dry and dusty BMDs of our ancestors to life.

‘Statistics aren’t the easiest way to explain how concentrated the YOXALL surname is the various YOXALL lines. All the figures are there, but if you click on the pie chart in the right hand margin, the reality may surprise you ‘