All Yoxall Lines


All YOXALL family lines

 This page is perhaps the most important page of my website. As will be seen from other contents, substantial work has been completed on linking each YOXALL to a living descendant and a specific YOXALL family line. A complete list of all YOXALL family lines, from 1841 to 1911 has also been recorded. Though there are currently, in theory, 62 YOXALL lines based on census records, in reality many are individuals who will clearly be linked to an existing line when their parents are known. My estimate is that there are barely a dozen core YOXALL families.

Every YOXALL descendant reading this page should therefore belong to one of the YOXALL lines listed. If you would all tell me to which YOXALL line you belong, and how you relate to the earliest YOXALL ancestor you know, I can create a simple table of living descendants related to specific YOXALL lines. This would allow all descendants of specific YOXALL lines to work with me, and each other, to verify and expand their lines. No man is an island. I need your help and support to go forward with the YOXALL one name study.

So to make headway on merging many of the individuals with parents and spouses I need the help of all YOXALL researchers. Do you know any of these people? Have you any sources to prove their parents or spouses? Do you have any suggestions for people or whom I have no suggestions? Can you eliminate some of the people where I have more than one suggestion?

Though I am technically the owner of this website, I am merely the custodian. Hopefully others will come along to help maintain this website in due course, building on it with thousands more sources and images to bring the dry and dusty BMDs of our ancestors to life.

‘Statistics aren’t the easiest way to explain how concentrated the YOXALL surname is the various YOXALL lines. All the figures are there, but if you click on the pie chart in the right hand margin, the reality may surprise you ‘

ref Census Source Earliest known Ancestors of Family or Indivdual or possible links Earliest ref. id nos. Ind/Fam/Merged Group New Merged Group No. of Desc
2 1841, 51, 61, 71, 81, 91, 1901 & 1901 census John YOXALL b.c. 1763 & Mary BROWN b.c. 1771 6762/6763 GP081 51
4 1841, 51, 71, 81, 91, 1901 census John YOXALL b.c.1791 & Sarah WOODGER b.c.1799, Chatham, Kent. 10704/10705 GP172 209
5 1841, 51, 61, 71, 81, 91, 1901 & 1911 census William YOXALL b.c. ???? & Mary KEEN b.c. ???? 1725/1726 MGP01 246
6 1841, 51, 61, 71, 81, 91, 1901 & 1911 census Moses YOXALL b.c. 1751 & Elizabeth LEWIS b.c 1760 283/284 MGP03 2180
7 1841, 51, 61, 71, 81, 91, 1901 & 1911 census Benjamin YOXALL b.c. ???? & Mary UNKNOWN b.c. ???? 1217/1218 MGP04 161
8 1841, 51, 61, 71, 81, 91, 1901 & 1911 census John YOXALL b.c. 1601 & Anne BROWN b.c. 1611 4178/4179 MGP06 1338
9 1841, 51, 61, 71, 81, 91, 1901 & 1911 census Abraham YOXALL b.c. 1720 & Mary SHENTON b.c. 1724 1394/1339 MGP08 2444
10 1841, 51, 61, 71, 81, 91, 1901 & 1911 census Richard YOXALL b.c. 1734 & Sarah UNKNOWN b.c. ???? 2768/2782 MGP09 345
12 1841, 51, 61, 71, 81, 91, 1901 & 1911 census Abraham YOXALL b.c. ???? & Ann UNKNOWN b.c. ???? 11086/11087 MGP36 477
13 1841, 51, 61, 71, 81, 91, 1901 & 1911 census Abraham YOXALL b.c. ???? & Jane HARDING b.c. ???? 5911/11085 MGP47 549
14 1861, 71, 81 & 91  census & marriage cert. Elizabeth WILLIAMSON b.c.1839, Pendlebury, Lancashire, widow of Robert YOXALL b.c.1847. Original image looks like YOXALL – not on GRO Index. Possible untraced son of Joseph Yoxall (id1281) & Hannah HULSE (id1282). Elizabeth and her daur Mary Ann YOXALL have been traced on other census proving the surname is YOXALL. 5547/5548 UL017 and poss MGP04 3
15 1841, 51, 61, 71 & 81 census John YOXALL b.c.1804, Redditch, Worcesterhire & Jane DRINKWATER b.c.1803, Chester, Cheshire. Parents not known for John or Jane, but John has been traced on 1841 to 1881 census inclusive and a marriage for the couple in Redditch has also been found proving the surname is YOXALL. 6289/6311 UL022 1
17 1881 census Elijah YOXALL b.c.1862, Hanley, Staffordshire and he is single. Original image looks like YOXALL, birth not on GRO Birth Index. 6294 UL027 1
18 1881 census Margaret A. YOXALL b.c.1863, Manchester, Lancashire and she is single. Original image looks like YOXALL, birth not on GRO Birth Index as either Margsaret (A.) or Martha (Ann). Possible Martha Ann YOXALL (id740), daur of Moses Lewis YOXALL (id735) & Mary Ann KITCHIN (id736) even though the 1881 census forenames are Margaret Ann. 6296 or 740 UL029 or MGP03 1
19 1881 census Sarah Ann YOXALL b.c.1863, Ledbury, Herefordshire and she is single. Original image is definitely YOXALL  – not on GRO Index 6297 UL030 1
20 1871 & 1881 census Ada YOXALL b.c.1869, Brixton, Middlesex and she is single. Original image looks like YOXALL,  birth not on GRO Birth Index. But as both census look like YOXALL perhaps as she was a Nurse Child in 1871 and an Orphan in 1881, was adopted and took a different surname. 6298 UL031 1
21 1841 census John YOXALL b.c.1776, Lancashire. Possible John YOXALL (id8095) spouse of Martha WILLISCROFT (id8096), posssible son of William YOXALL & Mary CLARE 8095 UL038 1
23 1841 & 51 census William YOXALL b.c.1808, Tardebigg, Worcestershire & Ann UNKNOWN b.c.1798, Stourbridge, Worcestershire.  Possible son of Solomon YOXALL & Amy DANKS. Original image looks like YOXALL. 9130/9131 UL047 1
24 1851 census Unknown YOXALL  & Ann UNKNOWN b.c.1789, Reading, Berkshire. Ann is a widow and her YOXALL spouse, or his parents, are not known. Original image looks like YOXALL. 10710/10709 UL049 1
26 1841 & 51 census Jane YOXALL b.c.1829, Cheshire & Ann YOXALL b.c. 1848, Moston, Cheshire. Ann, born 19 Feb 1848, is illegitmate daur of Jane, possibly the Jane on the 1851 census. No suggestion for parents of Jane. Both images look like YOXALL. 5616/10714 UL053 2
27 1841 census William YOXALL b.c.1765, Worcestershire, possible son of Thomas YOXALL & Ann GARNER, baptised at Feckenham on 8 Aug 1762, image looks like YOXALL 10989 UL055 and poss MGP06 1
28 1841 census William YOXALL b.c.1801, Cheshire, possible link for William to a William YOXALL (id15665), bapt 27 Apr 1800, Cathedral St Mary, Limerick, Limerick, Ireland, father Benjamin YOXALL. At this time it is not known to which YOXALL line Benjmain belongs of whether the two William are the same person. 10991 UL057 1
30 1841 census George YOXALL b.c.1826, Cheshire, possible George (id1180) or (id1351), son of Joseph YOXALL & Anna WILLIAMS or son of Samuel YOXALL & Samuel MARTIN. Image looks like YOXALL 1217/1218 or 1394/1339 UL060 and poss MGP08 or MGP04 1
31 1841 census William YOXALL b.c.1766, Worcestershire. Image looks like YOXALL, age looks like 75 not 15 and I have recorded his age as 75. possible son of Thomas YOXALL & Ann GARNER, baptised at Feckenham on 8 Aug 1762, image looks like YOXALL 10997 UL061 and poss MGP06 1
32 1861 census William YOXALL b.c.1812, Bedfordshire, no other YOXALL known to have been born in Bedfordshire. Image looks like YOXALL. Parents for William not known 11411 UL062 1
33 1861 census Henry YOXALL b.c.1831, Warmingham, Cheshire. No Henry YOXALL born before 1831 on census or before 1835 except this Henry. Perhaps his birth year, or first forename may be wrong. Image looks like YOXALL 11412 UL063 1
35 1871 census Mary Elizabeth YOXALL b.c.1860, Coppenhall, Cheshire, possible Mary YOXALL, born 3 Jan 1861, daur of John YOXALL (id1205) & Dinah DOBSON (id1254). Image looks like YOXALL. 11425 UL065 and possible MGP04 1
36 1871 census William YOXELL b.c.1809, Feckenham, Worcestershire, possible son of Solomon YOXALL & Amy DANKS. Image looks like YOXALL. 9409 UL066 or MGP06 1
37 1861, 71 census Elizabeth YOXALL/ALLSTON b.c.1856, Birmingham, Warwickshire. No suggestion for Elizabeth’s parents, surname looks like YOXALL. Grand daur of Joseph & Susan ALLSTON in 1871 but recorded as Elizabeth ALLSTON, daur, in 1861 and may not be a true YOXALL. 11414 UL067 1
39 1901 census George YOXALL b.c.1839, Manchester, Lancashire. No suggestion for George’s parents, no GRO Birth found to date but image looks like YOXALL. 11538 UL071 1
41 1901 census Dorothy YOXALL b.c.1875, Redditch, Worcestershire. No suggestion, no GRO Birth found to date but image looks like YOXALL. 11564 UL074 1
45 1841 census Sarah YOXALL b.c.1811 (id5461), Francis YOXALL b.c.1836 (id10694) & Henry YOXALL b.c.1838 (id10985), all born Cheshire. Possible spouse of Abraham YOXALL (id5908) or Robert YOXALL (id5907), sons of Richard YOXALL (id5904) & Hannah COOPER (id5905).  Francis & Henry are possible sons of Sarah YOXALL (id5461) as they are living with her and Richard YOXALL (id5904) & his wife Hannah COOPER id5905) in 1841. Image looks like YOXALL An illegitimate child, Frederick, was baptised 1846, Shavington, mother Sarah, suggesting he is also a son of the same Sarah as she lived in Shavington in 1841. 5461 / 10694 / 10985 UL080 and MGP47 3
46 1871 census Thomas YOXALL b.c.1864, Feckenham, Worcestershire (id11582). There is no GRO birth for a Thomas YOXALL b.c. 1864, Alcester/ Feckenham District, nor other census. Surname looks like YOXALL. Grandparents are Thomas YOXALL (id3912) & Harriet STYLER (id3930) 4178/4179 UL081 and MGP06 1
47 1871 census Alfred YOXALL b.c.1870, Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire (id12148). There are no Alfred YOXALL, nephew of Moses YOXALL (id402) & Mary Rigby BALMER (id342), registered between 1868 and 1872. It is possible that Alfred is actually Edward and a 2nd census for Edward YOXALL (id416), born 1870, son of Edward YOXALL & Lydia CHADWICK. 283/284 UL082 and poss MGP03 1
48 1901 census John YOXALL b.c.1869, Stoke on Trent (id13224) marital status single. Possible 2nd census for John Balmer YOXALL (id345) b.c.1864, son of Moses YOXALL (id402) & Mary Rigby BALMER (id342), who was single, or possible 2nd census for John Arthur YOXALL b.c.1868, spouse of Harriet HODGKINSON, if marital status wrong. 11086/11087 UL084 and poss MGP03 1
50 1911 census Harriet YOXALL b.c.1864, Redditch, Worcestershire. Harriet is single in 1911. No suggestion for her parents and no GRO Birth, Marriage, Death or any other source found. If age was wrong, i.e. not 47 but 37, Harriet could be Harriet Emma YOXALL, daur of Robert YOXALL & Emma SHINTON who married Thomas Edward CONDON in 1912. 13066 UL086 1
52 1911 census Walter YOXALL b.c.1844, Hartlesbury, Worcestershire. Walter is single in 1911. No suggestion for his parents. A series of Criminal Records have been found for the same Walter YOXALL which suggest he may not even be a YOXALL as he had at least 7 alias names, Alfred COX, Frederick COX, Thomas PARTRIDGE, Frances SHIRLEY, James HARRIS, Thomas MORRIS  and Owen HUGHES. There is no GRO for Walter YOXALL b.c. except Walter Barker YOXALL, whose line is already proven. 13142 UL088 1
53 1911 census Mary YOXALL nee UNKNOWN b.c.1866, Sandbach, Cheshire. Mary is married in 1911.. No suggestion for her YOXALL spouse. 13190 UL089 1
56 1851 census John YOXALL b.c.1826, Middlesex. John is a pauper in the Workhouse. No parents or spouse are known for John. id8717 UL093 1
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