YOXALL Biographies and Snapshots 

Over the years I have gathered information for YOXALL people and families in excess of the usual humdrum Birth, Marriage and Death, information and images that bring a person, or their family, to life.  I hope these biographies and snapshots will be of interest to their YOXALL descendants.

Several snapshots have been contributed by me and other YOXALL researchers. It would help enormously if others could provide similar snapshots of their YOXALL individuals or families, as long as they are all deceased of course. Simply enter my computer id number for the person, e.g. 611, not (id611) or id611 for reasons explained on my Home Page, into my Genealogy database to find more about them, their siblings and their family.

YOXALL of Brierfield, id611 – When I first started researching the YOXALL surname with my gang of four mentioned on my Home page, I offered to research a YOXALL family in the area of Brierfield, Lancashire as I live in the area. Unknown to me at the time, every YOXALL in the area eventually turned out to belong to just one couple, Peter YOXALL and Martha BRERETON. So many people offered me information and photos that it seemed a shame not to put all this together in a book to share with others. Though a book proved too costly, my local family history society offered to help put in on a CD. My book, ‘Yoxall of Brierfield – a family of substance’, can be purchased from Lancashire Family History & Heraldry Society for a very modest £9.50, less than the cost of one certificate. The book link can only be viewed, so if it is of interest please buy a copy and support the volunteers who made it possible.

Alice Nora YOXALL, id4311, daur of Henry Smallwood YOXALL & Alice BRAMPTON was a talented stained glass artist. With her lifelong friend Elsie WHITFORD they created many works that culminated in an exhibition of their work spanning half a century. I have put together a few examples of Alice Nora’s stained glasswork and the exhibition in Birmingham, which illustrate not only her skills but how widely her work was recognised.

Edward Samuel YOXALL, id2645 was the spouse of Emma EDWARDS and son of Richard YOXALL & Mary Ann EDWARDS. He was part of the distinct London YOXALL line, for which no link has been made to any YOXALL outside London. What brought Edward Samuel to life was an article in a newspaper on Google about a Leper called Edward YOXALL. At once I knew the article referred to Edward Samuel and after a few weeks research I wrote an article called ‘Edward YOXALL, spouse of Emma EDWARDS, from Sailor to Leper’, which describes in gruesome detail the hardship and agony of Lepers in the late 19th century, and how hard Lepers tried to hide their illness to avoid being an outcast.

An ancestor of the London YOXALL line sent me a snapshot on the life of her mother Ella Amina YOXALL, id8708, daur of Sydney Herbert YOXALL & Maud Bessie Sarah MASON. It is a lovely example of the sort of snapshot many of us can leave for others to enjoy.

One of the more distinguished YOXALL was Harry Waldo YOXALL, id3606, son of Sir James Henry YOXALL & Elizabeth COLES. He met and married Josephine Fairchild BALDWIN in New York and entered the World of Fashion, where he became Chairman of Vogue UK from 1957 to 1964. An Obituary has been found for Harry Waldo to which I have added  an entry for him in Who was Who, plus a few other articles including some details of his military service, where he received the Military Cross in 1916. He was also prolific writer, particularly on the subject of fine wines.

For perhaps an example of someone who devoted their life to others, Henry Smallwood YOXALL, id4229 is one such person. The son of Henry Houghton YOXALL & Elizabeth SMALLWOOD and spouse of Alice BRAMPTON, he was a deeply religious man who spent most of his life in Birmingham. The ‘Lozells Street Brotherhood’ was Birmingham’s largest Bible Class, where almost 1,000 men attended weekly classes. After adding another 3 schools each Sunday, the total number attending services was around 4,000 people. Education and recreation facilities including a new Hall were added in later years. A prominent figure in public and social life for half a century, Henry Smallwood was made a Justice of Peace in 1905 and was a Director of Wesleyan & General Assurance Society and Brampton Brothers, cycle chain manufacturers.

Only three YOXALL branches have been known to have emigrated to the USA. Henry Charles YOXALL, id4205, son of Henry Charles YOXALL and spouse of Angelina PROCTOR, had four children, 3 boys and a girl. A descendant of the line found that the 3 boys spent much of their life as sailors and their sister married a sailor. His article ‘The Yoxall Sailors’, tells of the time maritime experiences of the YOXALL children and has links for more details of the individuals on Ancestry.com

Amongst famous YOXALL in Industry is Laurence Sydney YOXALL, id8705, son of Sydney Herbert YOXALL, spouse of Rene Eileen COCKING. Founder of Foxboro-Yoxall, one of the primary forces in the development of the process control instrumentation industry, he was invested with the C.B.E. in 1971for services to Britain’s exports. Perhaps the most unusual aspect of Laurence Sydney’s working life was his founding and active involvement in the Foxboro-Yoxall Sports and Social Club, where he played cricket, table tennis, darts and was a familiar face at the Club’s social events. Can that be said of today’s Directors? I think not.

YOXALL are also well represented in education by Sir James Henry YOXALL, id3586, son of Henry Houghton YOXALL & Elizabeth SMALLWOOD, spouse of Elizabeth COLES. Born in 1857, Redditch, to a manufacturer of fishing tackle, he left home to train as a Pupil Teacher in Sheffield at the age of just 13. As a certified teacher he rose rapidly through the ranks of the Teacher’s profession, becoming General Secreatry of the National Union of Teachers in 1892. In 1895 he became M.P. for West Nottingham and was knighted in 1909. Sir James Henry was also a prolific author, writing books on not just education but also on collectables, essays and novels. He was indeed a unique man in the sphere of Education, one much admired by all those in the field of education, an attribute sadly missing in those serving in education today.

In 2013 I was asked for help researching the family of Frederick Edward YOXALL, id2797, son of Richard YOXALL & Mary PARKES, spouse of Mary PEDLEY. A successful builder, Frederick Edward left a legacy in 1913 for the village of Haslington, Cheshire to build and maintain a village hall. To celebrate the centenary of the village hall, YOXALL descendants from around the world were invited to attend a celebration and they came from afar as Spain, Canad and South Africa. My role was to create a family tree using data and photos provided by relatives and my own sources. At some 3 metres long, the tree proved a tremendous talking point for all who attended the celebrations. The organiser, Nick EDMONDS, put together and Obituary for Frederick Edward which summarises the life of the family.

The Rev. Ian ESMOND, with help from Pamela ALMOND nee HAIGH, compiled a mini biography in 2005, YOXALL & YORK  for the direct line of William YOXALL (id1343) and spouse Julia CASEY (id1332).His work explains his thoughts on how some children of William and Julia were baptised as YOXALL but became YORK in later life is explained. William’s earliest is Abraham YOXALL, spouse of Mary SHENTON.

Another branch of the Abraham YOXALL & Mary SHENTON line has found a 50 page article written by her grandfather Arthur Rowland YOXALL (id1375), recording his memoires during his life, and would like to share it with other descendants of the line. The last paragraph is one of those unforgettable ‘well I never’ moments. Arthur Rowland emigrated to Canada with his family and settled there.