YOXALL & related lines Brick Walls

This page is entirely for the descendants of all YOXALL and their related lines. Whilst I will post my own requests for help with specific brick walls, anyone seeking help with their own brick walls can post it on this page, as long as the search details refer to people who are deceased.
Where a request for help with a brick wall is posted, it is important that all the information of the people concerned is on my website, so that all sources are available to see by those willing to help. By far the easiest way to do this is to state my reference number(s) for the people involved and what help is being sought.
As an example, perhaps the most well known brick wall in the Cheshire is for Moses YOXALL (id283), spouse Elizabeth LEWIS (id284). Whilst the parents for Elizabeth are known, no one is able to find the parents for Moses YOXALL from any source, e.g. a baptism. It is believed that Moses had a brother, Peter YOXALL (id8306), spouse of Ann LEA (id8307). Research has shown that Alice YOXALL, the daughter of Peter YOXALL & Ann LEA, left a sum of £10-00 to her cousin Fanny YOXALL (id290). The only Fanny YOXALL found that is known to be a cousin of Alice, is Fanny YOXALL, daughter Moses YOXALL & Elizabeth LEWIS. This would make Alice’s father Peter the brother of Moses YOXALL.  Not that this helps as, like Moses, neither the parents or a baptism has been found for Peter! 
So who were the parents for Moses YOXALL and indeed his brother Peter YOXALL?