How to use this site


This website is in two parts.

This section is built on the Content Management System, WordPress.
In here you will find articles and information regarding the Yoxall name.
This part of the site is fully searchable using the search box in the header.

The second part is a family tree based on TNG.
This contains all the known Yoxalls and associated relatives in a conventional family tree structure.
TNG may be searched by name, or when using the advanced search, by user id in the format 1234.

Person ID number
To make it easier to find more details of the people mentioned on various pages of my website, e.g. Census, BMDs, Wills, Biographies, etc, you will see a reference, for example (id611) or id id611. The number 611 is the same number as the Person ID on my Genealogy page, and you need only enter the number, i.e. 611 not (id611) or id611 to find that person on the Genealogy page. The reason I use a fuller reference (id611) or id611 on pages other than Genealogy is to allow searches for a particular Person ID on any page of my website. If only the number 611 was used, searches would pick up that number wherever it occurred, rather than finding only a person. So if you search for a person with (id611) or id611 on any census, you may find them as an individual, with a family or as the parent of a child who is single or married with their own family. Likewise if you find someone with (id611) or id611 on a census, simply go to the Genealogy Advanced Search page and enter 611 to find more about that person and his family.


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