“Ok, so there is no such word, and it is a bunch of photos with genealogical data. But let’s be honest, it looks a lot more interesting than a chart. It displays your research better than any other method. Examples added are of three separate YOXALL lines, created thanks to photos and data from South Africa, Australia and USA. Thank goodness for overseas YOXALL researchers!

Unlike you, I cannot include details and photos of living people, which if you do will make family gatherings much more interesting. People can see exactly how they relate to each other. They can also see photos of many ancestors together, rather than scrolling through dozens of pages of individual images on separate pages.

It is a good way to encourage families to share and preserve special and memorable family photos, rather leave them in albums, drawers or, worst of all, the bin. For those relatives scattered across the world, they will feel more like part of the family with access to a Photology tree. Something to think about.

Some items are very large and are best appreciated if downloaded and enlarged on your own computer.”

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