Outline of study & objective

This objective of this website is to connect all deceased YOXALL with at least one relative alive today and to determine exactly how many separate YOXALL family lines there are. My research is so extensive that I now believe I can link approx. 95% of all YOXALL on every census from 1841 to 1911, to current YOXALL descendants, which makes my website a must for every YOXALL searching for their ancestors. As will be seen later, due to the age of some YOXALL lines, it is likely that they will, as further information emerges, link to other YOXALL lines. It is not intended to collect personal details of living people, simply basic details, so they can be linked to YOXALL ancestors. As the website links all YOXALL individuals and families, the increasing number of YOXALL researchers will hopefully expand their family connections, and eventually find a living link to all all YOXALL.

How can I help?

What makes my census different is that it brings meaning to a person by identifying not just to whom each census YOXALL is directly related, but also all other YOXALL to whom they are related, using my own coding system. The census spreadsheets contain all YOXALL, variations and transcription errors found to date on each census on simple Excel Spreadsheets.

Likewise with my Births, Marriages and Deaths Index spreadsheets, parents and spouses are recorded where known, up to 1911. By far the most unlinked YOXALL are those who were born and died between census, meaning that unless descendants know of these people the only way to prove their parents is by means of a certificate, a baptism and/or burial Parish register. On the other hand, it is highly likely that the parents of these YOXALL are already known as few couples had just one child.

So the most important help YOXALL descendants can offer is to verify, correct if necessary, and fill in any gaps for all YOXALL links on my spreadsheets. It is pooling the resources of al YOXALL descendants that will bring to life the dry and dusty BMDs that most people have for their ancestors. Photos, Certificates, Newspaper cuttings, Military Service, Awards, etc all help appreciate how our ancestors lived and what they achieved, quite a lot in many cases.

But I only know of one YOXALL for whom you have no parents or spouse.

Good. You may be just the person everyone else is looking for. I knew none of my Grandfather’s relatives, but I soon made contact with a Wignall relative who never knew my line existed, since my Grandfather had moved 20 miles from his birthplace and never kept in contact with his family. So whoever you are, if you are a YOXALL, or are related to a YOXALL, you are important and I would to hear from you. You may well discover many relatives you didn’t know you had! Even if you are not a YOXALL or related to YOXALL, if you have information on older YOXALL families, and would like to pass on to others, I would be delighted to hear from you. In particular I am trying to find photos of as many YOXALL descendants as possible.

The Challenge

For serious YOXALL researchers the initial challenge is simple, complete all census and BMDs from 1837 to 1911, to find not only the parents and families of all unlinked YOXALL but, more importantly, to link them to living families. Other areas where YOXALL researchers can help are:-

1. Locating YOXALL who are known to be alive, for example, in 1881 but not located on these census.
Some examples are:-

a) James YOXALL, son of George YOXALL & Ann BARKER, located on 1891 & 1911 census, died 1937.
b) Frederick YOXALL, son of Samuel YOXALL & Jane COOK – located on 1891 & 1911 census.
c) Mary Ann YOXALL, daughter of Richard John YOXALL & Harriet SCOTTS – 1911 census.
d) Richard Charles YOXALL, Edward Samuel YOXALL & Emma EDWARDS – located on 1891 census.
e) Edward Samuel YOXALL, son of Richard YOXALL & Mary Ann EDWARDS – located on 1861 & 1871 census, died 1898.

2. Discovering YOXALL on the census who are there but wrongly transcribed.

Some 1871 examples are:-

a) LORDALL for YOXALL Richard, son of Peter YOXALL & Sarah Latham – 1871 census.
b) GOMALL for YOXALL Ralph, son of Peter YOXALL & Sarah Latham – 1871 census.
c) LOVALL for YOXALL Frederick, son of Richard YOXALL & Mary unknown – 1871 census
d) PERSHALL for YOXALL Mary Ann, daur of Robert YOXALL & Elizabeth Williamson – 1871 census.
e) TONALL for YOXALL Thomas, son of Peter YOXALL & Sarah Latham – 1871 census.

The Final Frontier

As the number of YOXALL lines have been accounted for back to 1841, the natural step is to push further and further back, to try and find the original core family/families and prove they actually did come from a village called YOXALL, in Staffordshire, England, the likely source. But that is a tall order. A better move initially is the formation of a One Name Society, hence this website, to pull all the information together and expand the lines, proving or disproving links. This will make identifying older YOXALL links much more possible, as usually the further the line is traced back, the less the information available.

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