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UK Census 1841 to 1911 Spreadsheets

Along with my UK Birth, Marriage & Death Indexes, the UK Census form the backbone of proving the total number of YOXALL lines. My 8 UK Census carry all the information on the UK Census plus much more, such as the parents and spouse of each individual YOXALL on each census.

My spreadsheets are not just statistics. Every individual on the census shows my database number so that their family history can be easily found on my YOXALL database. Furthermore, all 8 spreadsheets are designed so they can be merged as a single spreadsheet, making it possible to sort for example by a person’s database number so that all census they appear on come together, or perhaps sorted by place of birth to help offer suggestions where other family members may have been born.  Though my spreadsheets are read only, they can all be saved for individual use.

But perhaps more useful for a one name study, each spreadsheet has 6 Charts and Tables, which show visually and statistically the distribution of the YOXALL surname in each census year in different ways.

YOXALL Census Charts & Tables:  1841 – 1911

Chart 1 & Table 1 – Distribution of YOXALL surname by County of Census

Chart 2 & Table 2 –  Distribution of YOXALL surname by County of Birth

Chart 3 & Table 3 – Distribution of YOXALL surname by Family Group

Chart 4 & Table 4 – Distribution of Married/Widowed male YOXALL by County of Census

Chart 5 & Table 5 – Distribution of Married/Widowed male YOXALL by County of Birth

Chart 6 & Table 6 – Distribution of Married/Widowed male YOXALL by Family Group

Before looking at any of my spreadsheets it is advisable to read my extensive notes, 1841-1911 spreadsheets notes, which explain the contents of every row and column and the reasons for the various text colours.

Links to the Census Notes and the Census Spreadsheets are given in the sidebar at the right.

YOXALL 1939 Register

Whilst the structure on the 1939 Register spreadsheet is similar to all my other Census spreadsheets, there are significant differences in the way the data is presented. Data recorded in 1939 is much less than a normal UK census. However, the plus side is that it is possible to identify spouses for both male and female YOXALL, and in particular for females who are not YOXALL, their birth date and sometimes other members of their families.


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