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England & Wales, National Probate Calendar (Index of Wills and Administrations), 1858-1966

Another of my spreadsheets lists all YOXALL recorded on the above index. Like my Census spreadsheets, the Wills Index includes who I believe are the parents and/or spouses of the said YOXALL, plus my computer id number to allow easy access to other details of the said person, their specific YOXALL line and their calculated birth year based on their GRO age at death where known. There may well be other YOXALL under different spellings, so if anyone knows of any YOXALL not included on my for any reason, please let me know.

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There are a handful of YOXALL for whom I have no suggested link or a possible link to a YOXALL line. If anyone can help me complete these links I would be grateful. These are the people concerned:-

ref Forename Surname Year Death Date Death Place Details of Administration Parents and/or spouse of YOXALL age born id no. Group ref N/ P
179 Peter YOXALL 1947 24/10/1944 Oldham of 11 Sidebottom Street Waterhead Oldham died on or since 24 October 1944 on war service Administration Manchester 13 February to Harry Kitchener private H.M. Army Effects £320-16s-8d Possible Peter YOXALL b. Mar Qtr 1920, Oldham, no suggestion for Peter’s parents. Peter could have been an illegitimate child as his mother’s maiden name is also YOXALL N
288 Thomas YOXALL 1964 24/03/1964 Crewe of Tredington Waterloo Road Haslington near Crewe died 24 March 1964 at 9 Armscote Road Tredington Shipston on Stour Warwickshire Probate Birmingham 7 July to Lucy Yoxall widow and Mary Elizabeth Hancock (wife of Henry Philip Hancock) Effects £3094 possible spouse of  Lucy KING, married Dec Qtr 1934, Nantwich.  No suggestion for parents of Thomas. 85 1879 N
296 Lucy YOXALL 1965 12/10/1965 Warwickshire, England of 9 Armscote Road Tredington Shipston on Stour Warwickshire died 12 October 1965 at Shipston House Shipston on Stour Probate Birmingham 26 November to Mary Elizabeth Hancock widow Effects £2155 possible Lucy KING, spouse of Thomas YOXALL, married Dec Qtr 1934, Nantwich.  No suggestion for parents of Thomas. 89 1876 N
208 Harry YOXALL 1952 02/01/1952 Crewe of Old Road Wrinehill near Crewe died 2 January 1952 Probate Chester 30 January to Herbert Ikin retired coal miner Effects £155-1s-5d possible son of  Joseph YOXALL (id2612) & Emma CORNWALL (id2613) or Peter YOXALL (id5513) & Mary COOKE (id6909) 65 1887 poss id2626 or id8662 poss MGP47 or MGP36 P
214 Alice Jane YOXALL 1953 07/02/1953 Essex, England of 19 Winter Avenue East Ham Essex (wife of William YOXALL) died 7 February 1953 Probate London 23 March to Stanley Frederick Cosson sales supervisor Effects £701-5s possible Alice J. MURPHY, spouse of William E. YOXALL, mar Mar Qtr 1924, Kingston on Thames. William is possible William Ewart YOXALL, son of Caleb YOXALL (id4300) & Selina Eleanor RIDGE (id4335). 70 1883 poss id9365 poss MGP06 P
252 Martha Jane YOXALL 1959 12/03/1959 Macclesfield of 115 Hurdsfield Road Macclesfield (wife of Joseph Yoxall) died 12 March 1959 Administration Manchester 15 May to the said Joseph Yoxall retired blacksmith Effects £320-5s-5d Martha Jane WHALLEY, married Joseph YOXALL Dec Qtr 1927, Civil Marriage, Macclesfield. Joseph is possible Joseph Davies YOXALL (id896), son of Thomas YOXALL (id894) & Mary Ann DAVIES (id895) 72 1887 poss id896 poss id896 P
271 Eunice YOXALL 1962 09/01/1962 Oldham or PRODGERS of 1 Booth Hill Lane Oldham (wife of Frederick Yoxall) died 9 January 1962 at Oldham and District General Hospital Rochdale Road Oldham Administration Manchester 18 July to the said Frederick Yoxall estate agent Effects £2105-11s-8d Eunice PRODGERS married Frederick YOXALL Dec Qtr 1939, All Saints, Weaste, Salford. Frederick is possible, son of Frederick William YOXALL (id10103) & Ann Ellen WILLIAMS (id10105). 46 1916 P
291 William Harry YOXALL 1964 27/11/1963 Birmingham, England of 62 Painswick Road Hall Green Birmingham died 27 November 1963 Probate Birmingham 17 January to Mabel Irene Yoxall widow Effects £4465 possible spouse of Mabel Irene LEWIS, married Sep Qtr 1930, Croydon,  son of William Henry YOXALL (id6295) & Alice May PALMER (id6887) 70 1893 poss id6888 poss MGP01 P
293 Harry YOXALL 1965 12/01/1965 Cheshire, England of Park Farm 588 Swanlow Lane Winsford Cheshire died 12 January 1965 at The Barony Hospital Nantwich Cheshire Administration London 26 February to Isabella Agnes Yoxall widow Effects £4036 possible spouse of Isabella Agnes McERLEAN, son of father UNKNOWN (id12140) & Jane YOXALL (id2536), daughter of George YOXALL (id2532) & Elizabeth HIGGINS (id2533). 64 1901 poss id11567 poss MGP15 P
303 William YOXALL 1966 11/08/1966 Crewe of 14 Wellswood Drive Wistaston near Crewe died 11 August 1966 at The Barony Hospital Nantwich Cheshire Probate Chester 16 December to Midland Bank Executor and Trustee Company Limited Effects £46867 spouse of Jamesina Noble MCKAY (id12675), son of Thomas YOXALL (id5388) & Harriet GILMAN (id5389) 83 1883 id5392 MGP47 P

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